Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Poetry - In A Sailor's Suit And Cap (Early 2012)

Written between January and February 2012

In A Sailor's Suit And Cap

The glass mirror engulfs your mind like a child standing upon the shores of a great sea
The crystalline powder juts out like the jagged precipice of an iceberg
The razor lies docked like a battleship
Its anchor is cut, and it shoots across the mirror like a swordfish
White particles scatter upon the glass like the froth of a crashing wave
The blade rushes bloodlust towards the stragglers as they form into rigid schools
Lines of powder and glass emerge across the landscape like channels cutting through a snowy archipelago
A calm returns, as foreboding as a blood red morning sky
Then chaos, as a great tube descends from the heavens, ravaging all in its path as a waterspout dismantles an unprovoked shipping vessel
Far above, a mighty titan devours his sacrifice with glee

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  1. Again, your metaphors amaze me. Really and truly, this deserves to be shared with many. It's amazing.