Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Poetry - Heroin (Summer 2012)

Sonnet. Written June 2012

I trudge into the car, strapped in for the endless ride to holy Port Richmond.

Every bump on the jagged pavement sending my ossified calves grinding into the strength abandoned springs once called a muscular system.

My back too tightens and aches from the strain of countless confused strung-out marches through the hostile territory.

Day after day, I slog through this no mans land, my addled mind quivering at the explosions of red and blue that scream past me, careening towards a different combatant stationed elsewhere in this weary battleground.

From my metal shielding, I see the twisted shapes of my kin in their entrenchment, and I see the battle scars around the arms of the veterans, and I turn my stereo up to drown out their icy prophecies.

The war torn ruins that rise from the rubble gaze upon me with a blank and pitiless stare, I feel their eyes, and the curses they cast upon me for turning these monuments of industry into headstones.

Through it all, the machine gun bursts of thought that come rapidly through my mind in waves of intensity and emptiness, yet stay locked on my mission. My sole ambition.

I push and push. Pushing until the agony folds upon itself and doubles as I approach my target, until the agony folds on itself and doubles as I wait at the rendezvous, until the agony folds on itself and doubles during the equally agonizing voyage home.

And yet when I return my burden lifts.

I gaze upon you and my focus shifts.

For as your smoky embrace warms my skin.

My muscles melt, a warmth grows from within.

And when, sweet heroin, I feel your smile.

I know the pain just makes your love worthwhile.

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  1. This is powerful. As a recovering addict, this hits the head on the nail. Great poem, dude... Great poem.